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artist: FRÄGIL / AITÄNNA77
album: Split
year: Junio 2007

1. dos
2. father song part #1
3. viernes
4. mel
5. vespertina
6. internet love

7. Joe, Franco y Brian
8. tengo amigos que me adoran
9. Días perdidos
10. tan cerca
11. Dioses de la gama baja
12. La última tormenta de Agosto

And at last, after so many months waiting, this brilliant album shared between two experimental spanish artists finally sees the light. FRÄGIL brings us 6 songs, most new, where they show us they can work not just with guitar, they repeat with a long intro titled “dos” to then let us melt away with “mel”, a song composed mainly with melodyhorn and chilophone. The album also includes one of their first songs recorded in 2003 called “internet love”. This album maybe a touch strange compared to the others, but we have to say that “Fathers song part I” turns it straight into a hit… AITANNA77 delights us with 6 songs made of beautiful melodies, looking mainly for support upon an infinity of toys that will make your grey days a bit more colourful. After listening to “Joe, Franco y Brian” the other songs just come along on their own…it actually seems like one long song brought together by the instrumentality of the strings. We emphasize on the colaboration of Luis Solís (Bacanal Intruder)in “La tormenta de agosto”, without doubt the most precious face of this sharing. Instrumental Lo-fi Folk!


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